About My Garden

We have a small organic garden composed of two 4' x 8' raised concrete beds and many large planters, around which we've planted eight dwarf fruit trees, an almond tree, three varieties of berries, a grape vine and an artichoke plant.  There are two beds of asparagus and ten boxes of strawberries.  We also have lots and lots of flowers.

This is my Garden Supervisor.  She insists on being involved in all garden activities.

My Garden Supervisor, Liliuokalani better know as Lili Lu passed away on June 20th. She is survived by her adopted niece, Lola, aka the Director of Pest Management and two humans. She will be greatly missed.

This is my Director of Pest Management.  She patrols the garden, pretending to prevent invaders.

We compost our kitchen and garden waste so it gets recycled back into the garden.

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  1. I love cats. In fact, I have like 4 cats in my house. They also love to accompany me on my backyard. However, I always make sure to inspect my lawn of cats' poops since it's made up of synthetic grass.