Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picking Apricots

Our Apricots are finally ripe.  They’re so sweet, we’ve been snacking on them all day.  These are some of the biggest apricots I’ve seen, they don’t compare to those I’ve seen at the farmers market or in the stores.  I’ve been eyeing the cots when I go shopping, knowing that I had a tree full at home, ripening...waiting...and the time has finally come.
We planted this tree two years ago, when it was about 5 feet tall.  Last year we had about 8 apricots, but this year we have over 30 and this tree has grown to 12 feet tall.  That’s really too tall for picking so we’re going to prune it back after we’ve picked the fruit.  Some of these apricots grow in funny places on the tree...

Check out this one..

This is my Garden Supervisor, she felt the need to climb to the top of the picking ladder to see for herself that the harvest  was going properly....she did need a little help getting down...don’t tell her I told you...

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