Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Signs of Spring

The first signs of spring come in February in Northern California.  It starts with the asparagus. They begin to pop their tender little heads out of the ground, teasing you with the promise of grilled garlic spears.  I also keep an eye on the blueberry plants, watching for the first blooms.

My most favorite sign is the almond tree.  Almond blossoms are the most beautiful shade of pale pink.  When I lived up north in Butte County, where they grow lots of almonds, we would take bike rides in the almond orchards in the spring and the petals would fall like pink snow.  You can just make out the pink petals in the buds of my tree. 

A few other signs that spring is on the way....the primroses are blooming...

and I found this random grape hyacinth growing in a cactus pot.  I’m not sure now it got there.

It’s time to plant lettuce, spinach, beets and peas.  I put seeds in the ground today for all of these.  It’s also our last chance to plant bear root trees and to prune trees we have so Mr. RK has been busy in the garden this week, trimming back the grape and planting a new peach tree.  Our other peach tree died last summer for an unknown reason.

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