Saturday, August 4, 2012

First Tomatoes of the Season

I picked our first ripe tomatoes of the season.  Just a handful of cherry tomatoes and one little Roma, but still it's exciting, at least for a gardening geek like me.  The first tomatoes always taste amazing, probably because you've been waiting so long for them to ripen...but more likely it's that they ripen on the vine.  Last year was such a disaster, most of our plants died from some sort of mold.  

We also have a few Burbank tomatoes that are almost ripe.

...and there's one heirloom that showing some color.

I wanted to try out this new non-dairy ricotta cheese I bought a few days ago.  Tofutti also makes a non dairy cream cheese and a non dairy sour cream, both of which taste better when they're used in a recipe and don't stand on there own that well.  They have a very soy beany flavor, so I was curious to try the ricotta on it's own.

I have to say that this is their best product yet!  I think Tofutti should take the technology they learned making this product and rework their cream cheese and sour cream.  

I spread it on some sour dough bread, sliced up that Roma tomato I picked, and put it under the broiler for a few minutes before I topped it with some fresh basil.  It was a delicious lunch.  No beany flavor.  I hope they're working on mozzarella next...


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  2. Gorgeous heirloom tomatoes!
    The open sandwich looks very fresh and tasty.