Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Wedding

I realize that I haven't posted any new recipes in over a month and you may be wondering what up... has she lost interest in blogging? ...lost her kitchen mojo? ... or was she attacked and eaten by psychotic thieving squirrels?  None of the above actually,  I've been crazy busy planning a wedding for my daughter, TC.  

I've been reviewing menues, meeting with caterers, spending sleepless nights fretting over flowers, making the garden presentable by planting lots of flowers, stamping wooden sporks with red stars, stamping wooden sporks with pink hearts, glueing paper hearts to sticks and generally channeling Martha Stewart.  

There were lots of orders from Rifle Paper.

Having had a very unconventional, unplanned wedding in a parking lot in Nevada, I had no experience in wedding planning.  Luckily, the internet is jam packed with wedding websites that offer millions of ideas for the "perfect wedding".  TC sent me about 10 emails links a day with requests to "lets do this" or "make this" or "buy that".

The day before the wedding was a shower...

and then a 4th of July rehearsal dinner/BBQ.

And then there was a wedding.

Mr. RK had been just as busy, making a corn toss game, one with California painted on the front and one with New York.
He also built a wooden wedding arch.  

One thing that TC insisted on was a photo booth, which turned out to be a fantastic idea.  Instead of just signing a quest book, you entered the pics from the photo booth and wrote a little something.  The best set of pictures was this one done by the littlest flower girl all by herself.  I laughed for an hour.

I should be back in the kitchen soon.

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