Friday, May 14, 2010


We have lots of ladybugs in our garden this year and this is a very good thing!  Ladybugs, also known as Ladybeetles or Ladybird beetles, are one of an organic gardener’s best friends.  They only live for three to six weeks but in that time they can eat as many as 5,000 aphids!!  Aphids, in case you don’t have them in your part of the world, are nasty little plant lice that suck the life out of your vegetable plants.  Once they start, it’s difficult to get rid of them without using chemicals (which I never use).  Needless to say I’m very happy that so many ladybugs have decided to take up residence in my yard.  Last year I lost my kale to some particularly evil aphids.

Here’s a picture of a ladybug in conference with some flies.  Then Mr. RK took this picture................

I’m sorry that the focus is not better, but holy moly, I’ve never seen a ladybug that looked like this before. Not all ladybugs have the same number of spots but this one is truly one of a kind.

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