Sunday, December 12, 2010


Most people view fallen leaves as a chore, something they have to rake up and dispose of.  I see them as compost.  A valued addition to the kitchen scrapes, shredded paper, sawdust, and grass clippings we use to make the layers of our compost.  We rake them up and store them in trash cans.
This is my compost bin.  Behind them are the trash cans I use to store the leaves.

I like this stackable compost bin because you can add another layer as you fill it up and then as it decomposes down, you can take off the top layer and put it on the ground next to the current stack so you can move/turn the compost easily.  
The most important ingredient for your compost is worms.  If you’re making your own compost, they make a huge difference.  We only had to buy them once.  They multiply like crazy and help turn everything into soil much faster.  I love these worms!

After racking some leaves yesterday, I went to put a layer of them into the compost bin and I found this guy (or girl?) had built his web on the fence next to the compost bin.  

My Director of Pest Management was not amused.  She doesn’t like any invaders in her garden.

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  1. I have one too. Love it, but can't find it anywhere. Any suggestions on where to locate one?