Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July Party Suggestions

The 4th of July is only a few days away and so are the parties that go with it.  I was going through my archives and realized that I have a number of salads, platters and desserts that would be perfect for such an occasion.  These are all recipes that you can make ahead of time, or at least some part of the recipe, and the rest will come together very quickly.  So, here are my suggestions for your holiday party.
My first suggestion is my Fresh Tomato Avocado Tart.  Tomatoes, avocado, corn and basil all layered on a pine nut crust.  The crust can be made ahead of time and the rest of the ingredients can be added right before you’re going to serve it.  There is some parmesan cheese in the crust, so you can leave it out if you’re vegan or you can substitute vegan parmesan.

My second suggestion is my Roasted Asparagus Platter.  What can be better than a platter of grilled asparagus on a bed of fresh tomatoes, topped with figs, pine nuts and balsamic vinegar drizzle.  You can cook the components up ahead of time and assemble this one later as well.  You can grill the asparagus on your outdoor grill, if you do it first before the coals get too hot.

My 3 Bean Salad is actually a 4 Bean Salad, because I add edamame for extra protein.  Bean salads are always better when they marinate for a few hours or even overnight.  It gives the dressing time to sink into the beans.  If you are going to make this one the night before, I would suggest waiting to add the tomatoes until right before you serve it.

My fourth suggestion is my Orange Pistachio Quinoa Salad.  Everyone is crazy for quinoa lately because it’s the perfect grain.  High in protein and gluten free, this salad is packed with garbanzo beans, pistachios and satsuma oranges.  You can substitute with tangerines or oranges this time of year if you can’t find satsumas, just remember to remove the seeds.

Finish off your meal with a Blackberry Crisp Pie.  I use an oatmeal fruit crisp crust for the bottom and the top of this pie.  I made this with blackberries towards the end of summer but you substitute any type of berry or fruit that is in season now.  It would be fantastic with peaches!

My last suggestion is that you make a batch of my S’more Cupcakes.  Do I really have to say anything more about these tasty treats?  S’mores = summer party.

Have a very Happy 4th of July!

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