Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Mouse in the House

This is my Director of Pest Management.  I’ve posted about her before.  Her main objective in life is to catch things and keep unwanted guests out of my garden.  She really does an excellent job of keeping the birds from eating our raspberries.  However, lately, I’ve been considering writing her up for dereliction of duty.  The squirrels have been eating my almonds and she’s done nothing about it.  I usually find her sleeping in the ferns.

Or reenacting her own version of Wrestlemania with my Garden Supervisor.

But this morning she took it too far.  This morning she, and my Garden Supervisor, were found playing ping pong in my bathroom with a mouse.  Mr. RK took the mouse away from them and put it in the blackberry bramble.   Not an hour later, the two of them were back in the house with the mouse!

This time Mr. RK had to enroll the mouse in a relocation program that was outside our garden.
I’ve tried to explain to her that this is not acceptable behavior but it seems to be a new summer hobby.  This incident is going in her permanent file!

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