Wednesday, June 8, 2011

After the Rains

In California it almost never rains after the first week of May, but this is the first week of June and it’s still raining!  It must be another sign of global climate change because I can never remember a time when it’s rained the whole month of May.  I haven’t ventured out into the garden much because the weather has been so unpleasant.  However, it now appears that the rains are finally over so it’s time to check on my garden’s progress.
I wasn’t the only one out and about to check on things.  As soon as the last big storm passed, it seemed like everyone came out to enjoy the sun.  This girl was enjoying a little lunch across the street.

The honey bees were out working the berries and all of the other flowers.  

So were the bumble bees.

and the lady bugs.

The flowers seemed to be benefiting from the late rains.

especially the sweet peas that prefer cooler weather.

I checked on my fruit trees, and the apples seemed to be fine.  We have a much bigger crop this year. 

This is the first year that we’ve had pears.

We’re harvesting about a basket of raspberries every two days!

The blueberries are ripening as well, but they’re not as large as I’d like them to be so I bought them a box of food for acid loving plants.  

We’re starting to get a couple of strawberries now and then.  The warmer weather should speed up the strawberry production.

The basil has sprouted!

Not sure how this feather got stuck there....

My Director of Pest Management was also out, checking up on things.  I forgot to mention how she brought a live mole into the house at 6 am the other day, to show him around.  (sorry, no pictures)

My Garden Supervisor seemed to be taking a break to enjoy the sun.

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