Sunday, January 22, 2012

We Finally Have Rain

California has had, so far, the driest winter since 1883.  Yesterday, we finally got some rain.  A lot of rain in fact.  So today, when the sun came out after a particularly heavy downpour, I went out to the garden to check on things.  Of course, my Director of Pest Management followed me.  She goes stir crazy when she has to stay in the house because of the weather.  She immediately climbed to the top of the apricot tree to get a better view of things.

We planted some peas in the fall and they’ve been producing a few peas even though we’ve had some very frosty weather.  We planted some more seed today.  It’s not too late to get some pea seeds in the ground.  These are snow peas but you can plant shelling or English peas as well.

My bok choy is starting to go to seed and needs to be picked ASAP.  I’m thinking bok choy with ginger, garlic and cashews.

The cauliflower and broccoli plants we set last fall are starting to grow more rapidly now.  There is something about a good rain that just makes the plants jump up and grow.  The spinach and chard are starting to grow as well.

My blueberry plants actually have started to produce flowers.  

The almond tree has buds.  It’s usually the first tree to bloom in the spring.

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