Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Full Moon

The August full moon is in Aquarius.  It’s a time for global change, a time for involvement in something larger than yourself.  Get involved, have an impact.  Even if it’s as simple as remembering to bring a shopping bag with you when you go to the store or buying locally made goods. 
This full moon is one of abundance, agriculture, and marriage.  It’s time to harvest and preserve food and herbs for the winter, time to can and pickle. 
It also an excellent time to wean animals and children, and potty train them.  It’s also time to quit smoking.
I spent the day cleaning up the garden and harvesting carrots and spinach.  I picked blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries for freezing.
I also planted some greens.  You don’t need to have a large garden space to grow greens, you can grow them in pots, or planters.  I planted my second crop of spinach today, in these plastic planters.  I cover them with a scrap of metal wire grid until the plants are established to prevent the Garden Supervisor and the Director of Pest Management from thinking I’ve set them up with a litter box.

The garden supervisor obviously doesn’t approve of this.  The pest control manager works nights, so she just sleeps all day.

I also did a late summer planting of peas.  I really miss the spring peas.  I wanted to plant them in another plastic planter where I was growing basil.  I have more basil in another area of the garden and this basil went to seed, so I wanted to pull it out, but the bees had other ideas...they wanted to work the flowers...

I let them work the basil flowers until the sun went down.  When the bees went home, I picked the usable leaves and composted the rest and planted my peas.  I also planted green onions and spotted butter lettuce.

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