Monday, July 5, 2010

Back Alley Visitors

We have an alley behind our house that’s well traveled by the wildlife of our neighborhood.  This afternoon we had a new visitor to the alley.  This sweet little girl, who was probably born in Sorich Park this spring, came to visit with her mother and older sister.

This is a picture of my “Director of pest management”.  She was out in the alley with me when I was taking pictures of the deer.

She doesn’t like it when any other animals come around.  Sometimes, I think she’s half dog.   Here, she is pretending not to notice that mother deer. who definitely notices her.

My picture taking and the presence of “Pest Management” was making this mama nervous so she decided to move on up the alley with her family.

Meanwhile, this little nosy little guy was watching all of us from a fence post.

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