Friday, July 16, 2010

The Last of the Apricots

We picked the last of our apricots today.  This giant beauties are delicious and I will be sad when we’ve eat them all.  Apricot are one of my favorite fruits and these homegrown ones have been exceptional.  They’re much bigger than the ones you see in the stores (thinning in the spring really helps produce bigger fruit) and much better tasting because they ripen on the tree.

We’re eating them fresh, trimming and freezing the bruised ones and we’ve even dried some in the dehydrator.   The dried ones are amazing, because the apricot flavor is so concentrated.  They even retain their bright color without sulfites.  They’re Mr RK’s favorite new snack.

We found this guy squatting in the apricot tree.  Looks like he spent a lot of time on this web.

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