Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Harvest

It’s October which means it’s time to harvest pumpkins.  This year we grew our pumpkins in a shared garden with our neighbors, I wrote about it on August 28.  I harvested four pumpkins today and three of these mutant delicata squash.  
I’m not sure why the squash grew round like a pumpkin, but I have several theories.  My best guess is that the seed I used from a squash that I bought was a hybrid and it reverted back to whatever it was originally.  My second guess is that it cross pollinated with the pumpkins.  They’re a little stringy for eating (I baked one) but they’re very pretty.  I may have to turn it into a jack o lantern for Halloween!

1 comment:

  1. nice pumpkins! I think I will have a go at growing pumpkins next year. I love all the variety and many of them are edible not just decorative.

    That weird looking delicata would be the result of a cross pollination when & where the squash, that you got seed from, was growing, not your garden. If you grow squash & pumpkin together and the flowers are cross pollinated, the crossed half bred is the seed not the fruit. The hybrid fruit would be produced the following year from the seeds inside the pumpkin or squash from the parent plant (does that make sense?)