Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Garden Update

The thing I love about living in Northern California is that we are still able to harvest a lot of food from our garden in October.  Typically, we have very warm weather in September and October and this year is no exception, except for that freak rain storm we had last week.  It usually doesn’t start raining here until the end of October.  
We picked our Gala apples a few weeks ago along with our grapes.  I just noticed this last tiny bunch.

We eating the last of the romaine lettuce.  We would have had a lot more but that unseasonable rain ruined most of the spotty butter lettuce.  It’s too delicate to hold up in a down pour, romaine is a heartier variety.

We’re also eating carrots...



and green beans...I’ve learned to plant beans in the spring and again in late summer for a fall crop.

 We still have cucumbers...

and lots of cherry tomatoes.  Our heirloom tomato plants all died from a fungus earlier this summer.

The zucchini plant is still going strong...and we still have some basil.

We’re even eating a few strawberries.

The warm fall days make planting a winter garden enjoyable.  A few weeks ago I planted bok choy, peas, cilantro and spinach.

The bees are taking advantage of the warm weather to by gathering the last of the pollen.

Our other garden visitor is this least I think it’s a girl because she looks pregnant...but it could have just eaten a big fly...

The biggest fall surprise is our first pomegranate!!  We’ve had this pomegranate bush for two years now and we’ve had tons of beautiful flowers but they’ve always fallen off until now.  I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress.  It probably won’t be fully ripe until December.

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