Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Garden Update

I thought I’d give you an April garden update.  Now that the rain has stopped, at least until next week.  I’ve been able to get outside and check on my garden.  Above is a picture of my apricots.  Most of them now have a rosy blush on them.

The Thompson grapes are starting to develop flowering heads.

The apple tree is finally starting to flower as well, it’s the last of all of my trees to bloom.  Apple blossoms are really beautiful.

The blueberries are actually starting to turn blue.

A few weeks ago we “cleaned” up our strawberry boxes, removing all of the dead leaves and adding more dirt where necessary.  Now the happy plants are starting to flower.  Check out that little baby green strawberry!

The last of my edible plants to bloom are the blackberries.  They’re just starting to develop buds.

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