Monday, April 5, 2010

Full Moon Planting & The Green House

It’s always best to plant seeds, for foods that grow above the ground, as close to the full moon as possible.  (You should plant seeds for food that grows below the ground, like carrots and beets, when the moon is new)  I took advantage of the March 30th full moon and started planting tomatoes, melons, squash and green beans.  
I live in an area that doesn’t get snow but we can still get a damaging frost this time of year so I put my starts inside my mini green house.  I’ve been meaning to post about my green house since Mr. RK built it for me last fall...

It’s made from 1/2” electrical tubing. (EMT)

Mr. RK used this pipe bender to form the curves at the sides. 

The top curve was a 90° elbow that he purchased.  

The pieces are held together with tubing (or EMT) connectors.  To attach the ridge pole and side supports, he drilled holes and screwed them in place. 

Here’s the (almost) finished frame.

We used this extra heavy plastic sheeting to make the cover.

We cut two pieces for the ends and held them in place with pieces of flexible irrigation tubing that we sliced open to fit over the pipe.  (Note my Garden Supervisor inspecting the work)

Then we cut a piece of plastic that was long enough to cover the frame from one side to the other and attached the ends to a piece of pipe the length of the green house.

I’ve been growing lettuce inside the green house all winter and no frost bite whatsoever!  Now, I can head start my spring garden without covering every window sill in the house with 6 pack starts.

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