Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Trip to the Coast for Garden Ornaments

We took a day trip to the coast last week-end to walk on the beach and collect some seashells for our garden.  Mr. RK built some new garden “gates” to keep the cats out of the vegetable garden and he wanted to decorate them with seashells.  
There was a 3/4 mile walk from the parking area to the beach and along the way there were lots of wild flowers.  Usually, by June, most of the wild flowers are gone already.  This year, because of the late rains, there were lots of wild flowers.  Here are some of my favorites...

Of course, there were these little California poppies, our state flower.

There were wild morning glories everywhere, climbing over all of the trees and bushes.

and these beautiful purple thistles.

We also found a tree with these little red berries that look like currants but I’ve never seen wild currants growing in California.  If you know what they are, let me know.

The end of the trail opened up to this beach.  Not a lot of sand, mostly ocean worn rocks, and lots of shells.  Here are some of the types that we found.

and then there was this guy.  There were also several dead baby seals, which I didn’t photograph.  They’re just too sad....and smelly.

and then there was this little guy, he was alive...

and lots of different kinds of seaweeds... 

This one looked like it was related to the little crab....

But the best find of all was this almost perfect abalone shell. 

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