Saturday, February 2, 2013

Healthier Superbowl Foods

I know that "billions" of people will be parking their butts on the couch tomorrow to watch the Superbowl and snacking on some on very questionable foods.  I'm going to offer some healthier alternatives in hopes that some of you may choose to go in that direction. 

First I would like to suggest some always popular Mexican food choices.   These are my Chili Cups:

Another option is to try my Toasted Tempeh Tacos:

Or my Beer Glazed Black Beans:

There are also the very yummy Enfriholadas:

I would also like to suggest my very delicious Mock Egg Salad Sliders:  You can use whole grain rolls for these or make your own Dutch Crunch Rolls if you're really ambitious.

Or my wonderful gluten free Polenta Onion Mushroom Pizza.  This will be my choice tomorrow.

You can really impress your friends by making this wonderful Empanada Gallega, a pastry stuffed with a vegan ground beef filling.

I encourage you to offer at least have one salad choice to your family and friends.  Try my Pear Almond Barley Salad.

I know that you're going to want some desserts so I suggest you go with one of these healthier alternatives, such as my perfect crunchy chewy vegan Brownies:

or the always popular Oatmeal Carmelitas:

Go Niners!!

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  1. That polenta pizza looks gorgeous and will definitely try that later x